Most of the people out there blogging have recently published numbers and figures about 2019. Starting the new decade I also want to publish some figures about 2019 and wish you a happy and successful start into 2020.


On my blog I tried to focus mainly on Enterprise Mobility + Security topics and shared some experiences and how-to’s about the modern workplace.

  • 28 blog posts published
  • 101'074 page visits
  • 04:08 (mm:ss) is the average time users spent on my site


I published two open source tools in 2019, both are available on GitHub and both of them support your Microsoft 365 based workplace:

  • The Modern Workplace Concierge is a helper tool to simplify Microsoft 365 configuration allowing bulk import and export operations. Project URL

  • The Intune Drive Mapping Generator creates PowerShell scripts to map your on premises file shares to Intune MDM managed devices. Project URL

More numbers

  • 2 sessions on community events
  • 254 new followers on twitter
  • 423 commits on GitHub
  • 802 generated network drive mapping configurations (Intune Drive Mapping Generator)

Final words

I really appreciate all the feedback and support I received from you and fellow readers. Also in 2020 I will try to blog as much as possible and giving the community something back while representing the message that even at a young age you can contribute to the community, share your knowledge end especially learn a lot because this is a lifelong and ongoing process.

Geekmania 2019 Session CMCE Speaker Dinner