Intune export uploaded PowerShell scripts

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After you have uploaded a PowerShell script to the Intune portal you won’t be able to view the script or its content. Therefore things become complicated when an Intune tenant is managed by multiple admins and someone wants to update or review a script. In addition to the unknown script content things can go from bad to worse if you can’t find the script anymore. Fortunately we can recollect our PowerShell scripts directly from the Microsoft Graph API.

Taking advantage of the Intune-PowerShell-SDK

  1. Install the Intune-PowerShell-SDK
  2. Consent MS Graph App registration if not done yet (uses default Microsoft Intune PowerShell App with ID: d1ddf0e4-d672-4dae-b554-9d5bdfd93547 )
  3. Execute the snippet below

Retrieve device configuration - PowerShell scripts

Final words

This was more a minimalistic self-serving post instead of a good explained one but it hopefully helps you if in need to export your PowerShell scripts in Intune without reinventing the wheel.