Windows 10 1709 Cannot Access SMB2 Share Guest Access

After Upgrading to Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update) I couldn't access my Synology NAS anymore. Therefore I started troubleshooting the Windows 10 1709 Cannot Access SMB2 Share Guest Access error:

Windows 10 1709 Cannot Access SMB2 Share Guest Access

An error occurred while reconnecting X: to
Microsoft Windows Network: You can't access this shared folder because your organization's security policies block unauthenticated guest access. These policies help protect your PC from unsafe or malicious devices on the network.


Starting with Windows 10 1709, Windows prevents you from accessing network shares with guest access enabled. Guest access means connecting to network shares without authentication, using the built-in "guest" account.

This has no reference to the SMB1 protocol which was disabled in the latest Windows 10 release.


To enable guest access again, configure the following GPO:

Computer configuration > administrative templates > network > Lanman Workstation: "Enable insecure guest logons" = Enabled

Windows 10 1709 Cannot Access SMB2 Share Guest Access

Registry Key

The according registry key is located under:



You can also download the reg file to simply click and set the registry key from here:AllowInsecureGuestAuth.Reg

MDM Policy

Theres also an MDM Policy available, starting with Windows 10 1803:

About guest access

Guest access is often used to access data stored on Network Attached Storage, like on a Synology NAS. Every user from every device has access to these shares. Generally I wouldn't recommend to use guest access because it's a huge security risk.

With the time of ransomware, encrypting whole drives it's definitely not a good idea. I strongly recommend to use LDAP Support to authenticate against your NAS.




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7 thoughts on “Windows 10 1709 Cannot Access SMB2 Share Guest Access

  1. Thank you for the solution. I couldn't access a Linkstation LS520D (Buffalostore) after an update to Windows 1709.
    Just change the registry key you mentioned, and it is working again.

    One again, thank you

  2. Thanks so much, changing the registry key solved my solution.

    I used the group policy change during my image creation for deployment and it worked perfectly on the reference machine. However, once I deployed the image on the our domain, the domain group policy turns it off by default. I was trying to find where the reg key was associated with it but had no luck. Glad I was able to find it here, it fixed my issues on deployments now.

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